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Kathleen Ackerman 68' (Wilczek)

Kathleen Ackerman 68' (Wilczek)

Alexandria Harmon (Kathy's daughter)

My Mom passed away suddenly yesterday evening. I’m still collecting my thoughts and don’t have much to say yet except I love you, Mom. I miss you so much but I know you’ll always be with me.

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05/18/21 11:39 PM #1    

Marjorie Shufro '68 (Altmayer)

My sincerest condolences! I didn't know your mother very well in school but I got to know her through Facebook for years. We texted and emailed, we shared our thoughts, our dreams,And we learned about each other's lives growing up and as adults. She adored her family – all of them! She helped them live on in her life through one painting in particular that is so emotional! You were her pride and joy! Otto was her true love. I regret I never met her in person after we connected on Facebook and through texting. Her talent was amazing, her heart was there for everyone. She will be greatly missed!

05/19/21 08:11 AM #2    

Karen Thomas '68 (McDaniel)

So very sad to hear of Kathy's passing.  I looked forward to reading her FB posts and seeing her beautiful art!  She was a talented, kind soul who loved her daughter and Otto very much!

She will be missed­čśó

05/19/21 08:55 AM #3    

Alyce Mullan '68 (Holland)

Alex, I am sitting here stunned. I know her health was slipping downward, but I didn't expect to see this!  My love goes out to Otto and you and your husband, and your brother and family. I've know Kathy for a long time, from Jr. High to our trips to Tucson!  Our Facebook chats kept us going. Now, I'll chat to her in my head. 
Amy Holland  


05/19/21 10:45 AM #4    

Frances Hedges '68 (Stirling)

Kathy was a sweetheart. Her sensitivity allowed her insights into people and life that others didn't see. She didn't always understand, but she didn't judge. I loved seeing some of how she expressed that in art. From our days as playground mates at High Rock School to reconnecting many years later as NHS alums, I could always count on her for some love and laughs.

I know she was struggling to stay with us, dealing with COPD and other health issues, and am sorry she is gone. Kathy will be missed by many, but at least now she can breath free.

05/19/21 11:56 AM #5    

Ann W. Bunting '68 (Dougherty)

I'm so sorry about Kathy! I knew her as a lovely person in high school, but lost touch after as we went our separate ways. Keep thinking of those memories!

05/19/21 12:43 PM #6    

Yurgen Kenneth Geist '68

Always sad, painful and even bordering the improbable when you hear about another fallen classmate. I knew Kathy since kindergarden, always smiling and enjoying her times with the other kids. I'll admit, I even had a little "crush" on her in elementary school as did a few other guys I'm sure. So cute.
My deepest condolences to her family and closest friends.

Those school-day memories will live on.

05/19/21 02:11 PM #7    

Pamela Knight '68 (Ward)

Deepest condolences to Kathy's family. While we didn't travel in the same high school circles we connected here as the resident liberals. She was a kind soul who loved her family. Rest In Peace, my friend 

05/23/21 10:03 PM #8    

Toni A. Picariello

I'm so sad to hear about Kathy's passing.  My heart goes out to her daughter and husband, Otto.  She always called me "cupid" because one of our reunions I posted the reunion on the website,  Otto saw it and contacted me for information on were Kathy Ackerman was.  I couldn't find Otto on our class list and "thought" he was a classmate that moved and didn't graduate with us.  We were sending him updates on the reunion and he contacted Kathy.  I found out later that he was never in our class, but met Kathy while they were both on vacation.  They connected and the "spark" was still there and they married.  I am thinking of Kathy's family.

05/24/21 11:42 AM #9    

Christine Owens '68 (Murphy)

So sorry to read that Kathy Ackerman has passed.  I didn't keep in touch with her after high school, but we did work together at the Helen Cross Bakery during our high school years.  She was a great co-worker and as I recall she was the cake decorator, showing her creative talents back then.  Always sad to know we are losing another classmate.  My condolences to her family. 

05/24/21 03:21 PM #10    

Robert Leal '68

so sorry to hear of your mom's passing. She was a wonderful and caring person. I remember her fro high school but more recently here and on FB. We talked about art, the old days and she appreciated my leatherwork and even bought a belt for Otto.  Loved her paintings. She was very easy to talk with and we'll miss her very much.

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